We are a family-run, woman-owned business, and work together as a team collaborating over cups, mugs, and tumblers of coffee! 


We also sample and test and stand behind every item we sell. From the practical and functional to the glitzy and rewarding, we strive to share our experience and feedback.


Our firsthand experiences have shown us that custom-branded products are functional in our lifestyle. As we look around our homes and offices, most have at least one promotional product we own and use daily. 


I still use a letter opener my husband picked up at a convention many years ago. It's the least expensive promo item he ever received. Yet, I use it daily, giving the brand at least three hundred impressions a year of recognition and appreciation for this simple tool. It's an authentic reminder that promotional products stick with us for a long time.  


Promotional products, including swag, apparel, merchandise, or giveaways, consistently outperform traditional advertising channels, making it the best bang for your buck. 


The power of promotional products is dynamic and constantly changing, with innovative ideas and options to best personify and publicize your brand.  


So, whether your promotional budget is slotted to foster a greater appreciation for your employees and clients or make a new connection, we will help you navigate through product trends and the tried-and-true options to achieve your goal.


All the best,

Rose McNally

Founder & CEO


"There is nothing seen that wasn't imagined." -Folorunso Alakija

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