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  • Oct 20, 2023

It’s never too early to begin preparing for holiday gifting orders.

Did you know that 80% of employees find it meaningful when they receive a holiday gift from their employer?

The Promotional Product Association Industry 2023 Holiday Gifting Survey collected insights from over 500 US consumers aged 18 to 74 and provides valuable data on the types of gifts people prefer, the importance of personalization, and how gift-giving can affect brand perception.

So, what are people hoping to receive? The survey found that over half of the respondents prefer apparel and fashion accessories as holiday gifts, followed by food and beverages, wellness and self-care products, tech gadgets, and home decor. However, only over half of the respondents expect a company-branded gift. While more than half anticipate receiving a gift card from their company, at the one-year mark, just under 80% of cards are redeemed, and they are less likely to see the light of day as time passes.

Holiday gifting aims to make recipients feel valued, strengthen relationships, and cultivate brand loyalty. You don't have to spend a fortune, though. Almost half of those surveyed say that the cost of a gift doesn't affect their satisfaction, and 36% appreciate practical skills more than luxurious ones.

Presentation matters, too. Almost 70% of respondents say that packaging and presentation are essential. Custom packaging denotes quality and allows you to include a longer message of appreciation. Planning and ordering early is vital for customization and worth it. 

When people receive a thoughtful holiday gift from a company, they are likelier to continue doing business with it and recommend it to others, leave a positive review, follow the company on social media, and even subscribe to their newsletter!

This holiday season, take advantage of the opportunity to leave a positive, lasting impression on your employees, customers, and peers. By selecting a thoughtful gift your recipients will love, your brand will become intertwined in a cherished memory like tinsel on a Christmas tree! 


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